Corrugated Display Solutions

As a trusted corrugated Display Unit/ POP/POS manufacturer, Wadpack offers a complete (Design to Finish Product) what you are looking for. We can provide assembly and equipment services and offer value-adding packaging solutions to give your business a competitive advantage. We can also develop custom displays made of corrugated cardboard for one floor or countertop that provides a stable platform for attractive designs that will attract the attention of passers-by.

Types of Display Solutions

The display Solution types can be divided into the devices themselves, as well as according to the permanence of the display. Here are some of the most commonly used display types.

Floor Displays and Stands

As the name suggests, floor displays are designed to be placed directly on your store floor. Some are mobile media, but most are designed to stay put throughout the promotion. The footprint of a more permanent floor display varies in size, but generally tends to be smaller than a short-term mobile stand. With the appropriate graphics, the dominant presence of the floor stands draws attention.

Pallet Displays

These displays usually consist of boxes that are placed on top of a pallet (whole, half or quarter) and arranged to promote a promotional offer. For example, soda cans can be placed in various places above a pallet to present a marketing promotion. Custom graphics can be integrated into the display to create even more impact.

Counter Displays

Counter displays provide the ability to engage consumers standing at the checkout or other area of the store. Interactive or not, counter displays are perfectly positioned to grab the customer's attention. They can contain products or brochures or be designed as a display for a counter-product. They can also function as graphical displays to provide test products or samples.

End Cap Displays

Hooded displays are vital for outlets that hope to sell more products. It is a kind of POS display installed at the end of a store aisle, which customers cannot avoid passing when passing from one aisle to another. POP tip displays attract the attention of the consumer, as they tend to use bright colors and present the products in an easy-to-grip way. Most are wider but can be installed to meet any specification.

Dump Bins

Garbage cans are designed to hold a large number of products in one place, often with different varieties of goods available. They are fun for people to dig in and help present POP exhibit merchandise in an interactive way. Perfect for promotions where products have different animations or marketing on them, such as soda cans or bars, trash cans, they inspire people to search for the item they need to complete a collection.


Parasite units are small displays designed to be placed on a variety of impulse buy sites throughout the store. They are flexible and can be placed where the clip tape product would traditionally be placed. Often used for promotional and cross-selling purposes, parasitic units are perfect for unusual locations on the sides of the refrigerator, on the ends of pods, etc., where traditionally no product is sold. Made from corrugated cardboard, the parasitic units are lightweight but have the structural integrity to support the weight. Made from paper-based materials, they can be easily recycled after use. Parasite units are typically custom designed to meet specific promotional purposes and can be supplied flat-packed for easy assembly or pre-assembled and filled of stock.