Corrugated Parasite

Wadpack Display Solution produces wavy clutter for promotional purposes. Manufacturing companies after introducing new products into the portfolio can promote the products before filling the shelves of retail stores, supermarkets or any other retail stores with real products. The wall hanging corrugated parasite can be displayed at various locations in retail stores to attract the attention of shoppers and identify the number of people who have expressed interest. Customers can contact us to purchase the corrugated printed parasite in the print of their choice. Corrugated Display Pest is made of paper and other quality raw materials.


Assembling a parasite screen is extremely easy. It comes folded up to save space and allow easy storage. Just flip it to shape the case and close the flaps with our unique zipper and the parasite screen is assembled. Depending on the floor plan and design, the shelves or headers can be adjusted before starting.

More Visibility, Less Space

Not all display racks can have counter space, and using such premium spaces is also very expensive. Wavy pests make stylish displays and can be simply hung or strapped to a wall, between aisles, or even at the cash register of any point of sale. The wavy pests are extremely light and easy to handle. Unlike many other displays, space for Parasite displays is mostly offered free by retail stores as they do not take up shelf space. We understand brand concerns and storage space restrictions and therefore offer flexible display solutions. Innovative and studied designs and a very simple assembly make the Parasite offer of the Wadpack display solution simply unique and effective. Here are some enhancement features commonly used for the pest control offerings of Wadpack Display Solution.

Eurohole for Hanging

Eurohole is perhaps the simplest and most commonly used suspended solution designed to fit perfectly to any pine forest or nails.

Cable Ties

While a eurohole offers ease, a cable tie solution goes one step further and offers the flexibility of being mounted even without the need for a nail. The cables are simply glued to the back of the screen and can be attached to any column or similar structure and last for months. Also, since some effort is required to remove the links, the chances of a brand getting the eyeballs for a longer lifespan are greater.

Gravity Packs

A Gravity Pack is an innovative mechanical solution to a curled parasite. You can easily add products from behind while consumers pull the product off its base platform. The moment a product is selected, the next one automatically takes its place due to gravity.

Attractive Headers

Wadpack Display Solution offers a wide range of spurious displays with its eye-catching headers. We work with brands to design a unique header that not only represents the brand, but also attracts attention by standing out. These headers can be cut into many shapes and sizes depending on the artwork.

Multiple Shelves

More often than not, multiple shelves need to be created to showcase a large number of products or multiple variants of the same product. We work with brands to create as many tiers as possible with a solid foundation to showcase their offerings.