Counter Display Unit (CDU)

Countertop display units (CDUs) or countertops are ideally placed in point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-purchase (POP) areas. They are usually located near a cash counter, it mainly used to promote the products in reception areas or countertops, using hooks, bleachers, or a simple container to retail with captivating images. The strategic placement of products range to encourage impulse buying and last-minute product purchases based on offers or promotional items. the queue waiting for payment can really help increase sales. The object of the game is to catch the attention of customers and make those products stand out. We can help you create a great set of displays to put your products within reach of customers.

CDU Design & Development

Our in-house graphic designing team works with brands to ensure an engaging and impact-driven look with every completed POS solution. At Wadpack we develop designs to contain retail products made to meet the needs of our customers. Our R&D Centre is at your disposal to take your initial concept, whether it is a 2D / 3D visualization, or a simple verbal sketch or a preview of the products to be presented, in order to find the most convenient to build your display from a bench. We provide a full service solution that includes graphic design correction, print and digital media production, which help our clients deliver a consistent, accurate and time-managed campaign with a single point of contact.

Eco Friendly Campaigns

Because we at Wadpack understand our customers brand and goals, we believe that our marketing-centric approach to all our graphic design, printing and digital services ensures that we can create the perfect POS package for your campaign. These units are printed in high-definition quality on 100% recyclable cardboard material that are available in every size, shape, and structure.