Die Cut Box

Die-cut boxes are highly customizable boxes made from corrugated cardboard that are suitable for any shape, size, and need. These Board are also known as die cut boxes because they are cut from easy corrugated cardboard Box material on a machine known as a die cutter.

The die-cut boxes are first designed by engineers or design specialists, then the die-cutting machine is installed and configured to cut the cardboard. Once the die cut boxes are cut, they can be further customize by adding special graphics that can include product information, warnings or company logos.

Featuring perforated lines or access holes, the box provided can be purchased from us in custom sizes, finishes, prints and designs. It is produced using high quality raw materials and sophisticated machinery by a team of skilled professionals. In addition, the proposed box is suitable for packaging tableware services to avoid breakage during transport from one end to the other.

Uses Of Die Cut Board

Key Benefits of Die Cut Packaging at a Glance

Die-cut magazines require the production of special tools (called die-cutting dies). Different options are available depending on the project. The most common option is the front loader. This is a versatile shipping box that offers excellent protection. Once the boxes are cut, they can be further personalized by adding unique graphics or inserts to showcase the product.