Floor Stand Unit (FSU)

Floor stand or stand-alone display (FSDU, storage rack, floor display) is used in physical retail environments to hold products that the consumer can purchase from. All stores, especially supermarkets, are likely to display these marketing communications materials provided by the manufacturer of the products. They should be part of every trader's mix.

Since this is a completely self-contained device, it can be disruptively placed anywhere in the store, preferably in the busiest areas on shoppers' shipping paths. Or it's used in key areas, like near the checkout, to woo customers for a last chance to buy latent, indulgent, or rewarding. As a stand-alone device, it's more likely to grab the attention of consumers, who prefer the brands they discovered first. This is what makes floor displays great! Consumers are much more likely to buy a product that comes out of them rather than something that sits among other products in the middle of the monotonous shelf.

Placing a floor display in the line of the customers' eyes is the best way to grab their attention and thus sell the products. In the long run, display material continues to deliver results as most consumers will consider becoming loyal to a brand after their first purchase. Why are they popular? Here are 4 reasons why we, in our partial opinion, think they are a brilliant idea.

Before you move on: For 25 years we have been combining imagination and industrial know-how to support brands and retailers in presenting products and communication in stores. We always Looking for the latest trends in marketing and offer unique POP displays in Mixer of wood, metal, plastic, etc. We study the context of retail and brand challenges, taking into account the technical, aesthetic and budgetary framework for 100% tailor-made solutions.


According to a recent survey by POPAI (the association of the point-of-sale industry), almost 75% of buyers fall for the display materials and the products they contain. They say they notice the brand too. They see them as relevant and non-intrusive forms of advertising. 50% of those surveyed consider exhibitors to be important to very important. They increase the likelihood of spontaneous purchases or the willingness to change brands. 40% of the respondents bought products spontaneously or bought a product that did not correspond to their usual brand because it was on display. on an attractive screen. We believe that in navigation mode shoppers are often willing to wait for the offers displayed to assist them in the buying process and to improve the speed and convenience of shopping.


Driving sales is by far the number one benefit of any display solution. But regardless of the impact on the store, a display will decorate your warehouse if the retail business doesn't want to use it. We also have to convince store managers and department managers. Good imaginative materials can be appreciated by the retail business for a variety of reasons: they can facilitate store operations and free up the time of sales people, they can maximize the use of valuable space, highlight products in the spotlight, facilitate product storytelling, fully experience the products for customers, inform and guide decisions in a self-service format, ... In short, they make physical sales spaces practical, interesting, exciting, less predictable and less banal. With always new things to be discovered through exhibitors, the user-friendly points of sale become a real “shopping experience” for customers. A plus for the retailer and the brand manufacturer.


In order to protect an offer from the relative anonymity of the store shelf, product presentation solutions are provided with branding in order to present the brand and the product effectively with maximum attraction. A floor display is not only an eye-catching way of product presentation, but also a great form of advertising. Just as consumers perceive the display units and the products they contain, they will also perceive the brand name, the colors, the landscape, the graphics and the core messages printed on them. As such, they're a great way to step up branding efforts and highlight the particular strengths of products at the right time - the final step in the customer journey.


A floor display is a 100% bespoke free-standing luminaire. First, it adapts to the constraints of the target retail environment (and department). The biggest benefit, however, is that it is custom tailored and made in any shape and size with no limits! Originality is important to get noticed. In contrast to fixed shelf installations, they can be easily adapted to the brand, target group and, above all, to the offerings on display. Accessible and ready for collection, it not only looks good, but also helps customers find what they need more quickly. All of this means that buyers are more likely to be more attentive to what is in these display units than what is on the regular shelves, which means more products are likely to be sold. Not only merchandising tactics (product presentation), but also information or educational content can enable a pleasant experience and suggest knowledge and expertise. Such positive experiences ensure that customers return more often. Since these are multi-purpose solutions with no limits, it is important to adapt them to the financial performance of the products on display (expected sales, margin, useful life, long-term effects of activation, etc.).) The content of the creative brief can encourage priorities early in the development process.