Corrugated Pizza Box

Pizza Box: When it comes to your pizza, quality matters. The same goes for the box we deliver, whether it is an 8inch custom box, a popular 14 inch or 16inch box, or a giant 30 inch box. The Wadpack display solution takes food safety as seriously as you do. Made in India, our liners, supports and finished products are regularly tested by independent and certified laboratories and the finished packaging meets FDA food contact requirements and USDA Dairymen standard on surface pads. Wadpack responsibly sources raw materials, uses renewable energy from our own containerboard manufacturing, and uses new and recycled wood fibers. Recyclable when compliant with local requirements, our catering packaging is a sustainable choice.

Eco friendly Pizza Boxes

Corrugated pizza boxes are successfully recycled daily in paper mills across the country; However, consumers remain confused by mixed reports suggesting that some cardboard boxes should not be thrown into the trash. To be clear: pizza boxes are recyclable. If you are concerned about fat or cheese, just remove the pizza scraps and throw the cardboard in the trash. We encourage communities to Change their home recycling guidelines to explicitly accept pizza boxes that contain no food.

Pizza vendors have the opportunity to promote goodwill and positivity by reminding customers to recycle their boxes. The “Recycling Corrugated Cardboard” emblem should be printed on at least every pizza box, to send the message home. Letting customers know that they can make a positive contribution by recycling these boxes is a great way to build a cooperative spirit that works for everyone. The box industry recovers more raw materials for the creation of new products; the restaurant and the customer can create a common commitment; a little good news goes a long way; and the planet wins with every cardboard recovered and recycled.