Stackable Tray & Storage Box

A stackable box formed from a blank piece of corrugated cardboard has built-in right-angle stacking tabs that protrude upward from each top corner of the box that interlock with openings on each bottom corner of a box. second box of similar construction in order to prevent the box from sliding sideways when stacked. The stackable box folds and assembles without the need for fasteners, glue or other parts. The sides are assembled to have a thickness of four walls and the ends are assembled to have two thick walls for added strength.

Packaging in trays ensures safe transport to the point of sale: integrated stacking flaps increase the stability of the trays. This allows the correct packaging to be stacked several times. The cover is easy to remove so that the Anything packaging can be used directly at the point of sale. the gripping holes on the sides of the tray packaging facilitate transport. The openings at the front and at the back of the tray packages ensure that customers have a perfect view of the product at all times.

Design Features of the Tray Packaging